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October 12, Day of Cultures

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October 12, Day of Cultures


On September 21st 1994 was published the law (7426) in order to change the Race day for The Cultures Day. The Race Day was considered racist and discriminatory. That day the name was changed and gave a new meaning of tolerance. The celebration recognizes ethnical diversity in The Americas and it doesn’t deny Spanish heritage, the indigenous legacy and the African contribution

October 12th is performed in commemoration of the historical event of the landing of Spanish ships and the sailor Rodrigo de Triana land arriving. This sailor was under Christopher Columbus command during the voyage in 1492. The territory discovered was called “America” honoring navigator and geographer Americo Vespucio.

From that conquer emerged a mixed-race continent as a result of a multiple hybridization. For that reason, law 7426 establishes “Día de las Culturas” will show the indigenous, European, African and Asian contribution to Costa Rican idiosyncrasy during the commemorative activities.

It is important to make sure that October 12th won’t be a day that praises only one of our ancestors. This would be the best opportunity to emphasize on the pluralism as diversity and diversity as wealth.

Jacamar Tours is conscious that celebrate the cultural diversity has opened new perspectives for sustainable progress. Some tours offer a guided visit to the Malekus villages, allowing visitors to know traditions, language, art and more. In addition Jacamar has organized activities as “Cultural Encounter” that allows to show and celebrate different cultures of our country as dance, gastronomy, handicrafts, music, among others.

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