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Costa Rica and its Biodiversity

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Costa Rica and its Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a resource that has a big potential either for intellectual or economic purposes or as an instrument for the development of a country.

With only 51.100km2 of land surface (0.03% of the earth) and 589.00km2 of territorial waters. Costa Rica is considered one of the 20 countries with more biodiversity of the world. It’s geographic position, it’s 2 coasts and its mountains that provides numerical weather conditions are some of the reasons that explain this natural wealth as much in species as ecosystems.

The 500 thousand species that you can find in this little land represent about the 4% of the species estimated around the world. Of these 500.000, little over 300.00 are insects.

The country possess over 25% of its territory under some type of protection and this increase thanks to the support of the private initiative, upon creating private reserves dedicated specially to ecotourism and research.  This is an effort of conservation that only a few countries in the world have realized and in which Costa Rica has invested huge resources for the best of the present and future generations.

The legal framework for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity is very broad in the country. It has been strengthened with the implementation of the Biodiversity Law, passed in 1998 and formulation, through a highly participatory local and national level process, the National Strategy for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, finalized and made official in 1999.
Jacamar as a company dedicated to sustainable ecotourism, encourages and supports campaigns for the environment, in addition we make sure that all of our tours are friendly with nature, it is also to raise awareness with customers and all company’s employees about the importance of caring for our planet earth.

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