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Being Guanacasteco

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Being Guanacasteco



Guanacaste is one of the most striking provinces in Costa Rica. It is well- known because of its folklore and colorful customs. This area has been culturally established combining the meso-American Indian people who originally populated the area with the Spanish and Creole during colonial era.

The most important commercial activities of this area are: arable farming and stockbreeding. The everyday items are made of leather, bones and horns from animals, as well as wood, vines and fruit rinds.

Some of the traditional activities are: bullfighting in a bullring of wood, wooden houses with farmyards, barn and stables. People normally live around domestic animals (chickens, cattle), wood stoves and ovens made of adobe. The horse has been used as personal mean of transportation or/and oxen carts to transport cargo.

Typical Guanacaste Carreta (oxen) is famous due to it has original wooden color and texture. That makes it more rustic and humble, but with a beautiful handmade design.

Another important fact we can never forget is the Guanacaste`s Cuisine. The main ingredient is corn which is served with beef, pork and chicken. As well as vegetables, from the herb fields and herb gardens, are part of a varied and delicious menu.

Some meals are Chorreadas, Mazamorra: (dessert in the form of gruel), Bizcochos: (corn donuts with cheese) and homemade bread.

Guanacaste music is played on the marimba. Marimba is a typical musical instrument from the region.

We can keep on naming a myriad of details that characterizes us Guanacastecans (people from Guancaste). However, the things detailed above is what we want you to know. We want you to come and learn more about us and take a little bit of our Guanacaste culture.

For that reason our company Jacamar Naturalist Tours offers a tour called “Guanacaste History & Culture” where we show you part of the Guanacaste`s people daily living. We visit Nicoya, Santa Cruz and Guatil area. This 3 cities or villages are the most essential cities regarding culture and customs.

Written by:
Gloriana Briceño G
Mayra German
Lisseth Briceño
Joselyn Ramírez

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